DIY 12v Power Hub with USB

This idea came about because of the mass of wires I had trailing from my mount, I wanted to have all the power outputs with dew control and USB in one place. The first thing was to work out what size enclosure I would need, by drawing it all out on paper and taking some measurements. Then it was a case of working out all the electronics and how it would be arranged. I ordered all the parts from eBay, and it cost in total around £50 to build, some of the components came in packs of 5 or 10 so I do have a lot left over. I decided on RCA ports for the 12v auxiliary ports, just for ease really, but still had the three cigar sockets for scope and Atik camera, with one spare. I went for external fuses, although using inline ones did cross my mind, but meant opening up the enclosure to changeThe cigar socket are marine ones and are fully waterproof with the caps on. The matching plugs also have a rubber seal around them so when inserted they to will not let dew down into them. The USB hub was a standard 5 port, 5v powered one so had to get a 12v to 5v power regulator for it. The dew controllers were cheap 12v 8 amp dimmers from eBay, I took the insides out and used them, each controller having two outputs, so four dew strap ports in all. I decided on putting a fan in the enclosure although this was probably a bit overkill, but it was quite cramped inside the enclosure as you can see on one of the images. An 8v output was added at a later date for power for my Canon DSLR. Also RF ferrite beads were added to all the power and data cables inside to stop and interference. The whole thing then connects to my 12v bench 15amp power supply which is in my garage with a cable underground out to my pier. 
Side showing 4x12v Auxiliary outputs & 5 Port USB hub
Side showing 3 marine cigar sockets with caps
Side showing external fuses & two channel four port dew controllers, with switches and LED
Side showing fan on/off switch and USB input
An 8v DSLR output was added a few weeks after completion
Showing the completed wiring inside, before the 8v output was added