DIY Pier and EQ wedge

Hauling all my kit outside each night was becoming a bit of a chore, so I decided to built a pier with equatorial wedge. I picked the position of the pier and got hold of an 8 foot piece of 6.5" diameter plastic sewer pipe. A hole was dug around 2 cubic feet and the plastic pipe put into the middle, concrete was poured around the base until the whole was full. Next was the pier itself, this was half filled with concrete and then a jig was made with four 3/8" threaded bars spaced out to fit the wedge, these were bent on the ends to stop them turning in the concrete when set. Then the pier was filled to the top with concrete and left to set. The wedge was made from 3/4" hardwood by my father who loves working with wood, it was fixed at the declination of where I live, although this was adjustable with the threaded bars having nuts both above and below the wedge (see pictures) so it could be levelled and adjusted as needed. I ran a scope control serial cable, power cable and USB cable underground to my warm room in my garage. These were fitted to the box at the base of the pier.
Pier before wedge is fitted
Hardwood EQ wedge polar aligned ready for scope fitting