DIY All Sky Camera

I decided to build an All Sky cam for monitoring the night sky during an image session, while I am inside in the warm, also on occasion I leave out all night. Firstly I decided on an waterproof IP rated electrical junction box, with a removeable screw down lid. I had decided to design and build around an ASI120mc imaging camera, as I already had one I was not using much, and it came with a 150 degree lens. The acrylic dome was from eBay and is a image quality one and cost around £15, it has a 15mm flange, which was perfect for fastening down, with rubber seal under. Next was to fit a fan in the base of the enclosure for air circulation, as I was fitting a heater for the dome to stop misting or freezing up, the heater was made from nichrome wire covered in shrink tube and fixed around the inside of the dome (see pictures). The heater was controlled my a cheap eBay 12v PWM dimmer, and powered by a 5m power leader with cigar plug on the end, along with a 5m USB data cable for the camera.
Main parts used in the build
Fan fitted inside raised off the bottom for air flow
Acrylic dome bolted down and camera fitted
Nichrome wire heater fitted and connected to adjustable switch on the side
Bracket made to hold camera in place
Cable clamp, Power LED and tripod mount fitted
Side view showing lens in the perfect position for all round viewing
Finished All Sky Camera with cables